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2004-12-04 | 10:39 p.m.

I finally caved and read the frickin Da Vinci Code. I prefer to call it Crack Cocaine: A Love Story.

I found it impossible to put down. I also found the characters shallow, the dialogue unbearable, and the plot fairly predictable. But beyond those minor criticisms it was fun to read, especially because of my interest in the wacked out history of the Catholic Church and art history in general. (See this post if you're not convinced.)

Now that ten gazillion people have read the book, I wonder if people will start stating the author's theories as fact? Mary Magdalene as the Holy Grail? Priory of Sion? Bars of soap in the Louvre Museum?? I guess it remains to be seen.

It dawned on me a few days ago that I will never be a good blogger because I am too lazy. I rarely revise what I write before posting, I am lax about grammar/punctuation, and my entries often wander from idea to idea. (And they almost always have some sort of sex focus, don't they?) I'm also sporadic in my posts based on what is going on my life.

It seems that a good blogger posts shit on his site no matter how banal his life is at that point in time. If things are boring, he just posts a link to an NPR article or a digital photograph of the view from his window or something. I definitely have my share of detritus on this site... but I think I only do it when I am fiddling with new technology or caught up in excitement about some news story. Posting daily is not a compulsion for me--like I owe it to my reader(s?).

Hmm, I guess I'm just trying to figure out the place of this thing in my life right now. Over the past two weeks I've wanted to post things but haven't because I'm afraid I'll offend or shock or something. So what's the point of having this? I'm waaaay too lazy to keep this online deal and a private diary. (Especially given my previous horror involving my personal diary...)

I really admire people who post pictures of themselves--even nude pictures!--along with their blogs. That is brave, in such a bizarrely exhibitionistic way. I would never never never do that. Or at least if I did, I would water this thing down until all I talked about was puppy dogs and butterflies and how great everybody in the entire universe is.

This is where I should write a profound conclusion about what this all has taught me. Please see above for comments on why I am a crappy blogger.

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